Imports of Fresh Fruit – Specialized Supply of Cocktail Bars

Fresh Fruits

Our partnerships, with well-established international trading product brands, allow us to offer a wide variety of premium quality exotic fruit.

Vegetables - Salads (Washed-packed)

Our exclusive partnerships with certified Greek producers along with our detailed scrutiny in the selection of products and their daily distribution ensure integrated and qualitative services on our behalf.


Our company features a wide variety of supporting specialized products in order to fully meet the needs of a Cocktail Bar or Bar Restaurant. We provide lemon grass and ginger to coconut milk, selected teas, dried fruits, organically grown vegetable juices and much more.

Frozen fruit puree

Frozen fruit puree is the quality replacement of fresh fruit. Willing to cover all available flavours , Bar Supply is the exclusive distributor of Belgian company Dirafrost and French company Sicoly.

Pasteurized puree

Pasteurized puree combines the intense taste and flavor of fresh fruit with the storage longevity of the product in fridge maintenance. ODK is the top choice of this product category.


Essential to both, barmen and baristas. Bar Supply offers the full range of Teisseire, the number 1 syrup company in France and among the best worldwide.


Solely collaborating with premium brands, we distribute in the greek market the exclusive liquers of French company Edmont Briottet , with a long tradition going back to 1836.


Bar Supply’s expertise extend to bitters as well, by offering different brands, each one aiming to cover specific needs of professional bartenders. Handmade Scrappy’s , cocktail oriented Doctor Adam’s ,one ingredient Bob’s and Fee Brothers create a full range of bitters.